Waylon now called Wayland in new home!!!


Martina now called Klohe in new home!!!


Klohe with fur family!

June now called Koa June!


Hank now called Dewey with fur family!

Puppies resting outside!

Our Dexter Dean 

Our Reagan 

Puppies outside for a nice day!

Whelping box was in dining room for at least 6 weeks!!

Waiting for nursery to be cleaned & paper put down!!

This is George. His new parents kept his name! He is waiting for vet!

George relaxing with big brother, Charlie!

Reba now called Lilly. I think
she is in trouble!

Audrey is called Kevin. She is at her vet for vaccination!

This is Hedy!

Rocco at new home on leash!

Our Theodore D. (Ted)

Millie in new home!

Millie with toy!

Clint and Benji on their
way to new home together!

Kevin with toy!

Stella on couch!

Stella on rug in new home!

Rocco's first groom.
Looks great!

Sasha's first groom.
Really nice job!

Clint and Benji!