We are a breeder of Goldendoodles. We are experienced in raising healthy, well socialized puppies. Currently red, fawn and cream to light apricot solids.

Our puppies are born in a whelping box in our dining room. We are always right there and available to assist mamma if needed. Once they are ready to start weaning they are moved to a larger inside space. They can roam and play in comfort of heat or air conditioning.  

Our dog grooming shop opened in 2011. At that time I had only groomed two Goldendoodles. I liked how laid back and smart they were. One of the doodles I groomed was a big, curly, black and white parti. The other was cream with a straighter coat, but not flat.

My husband and I had been talking about getting a puppy and perhaps a different breed other than our collies. We still liked the larger breeds. We wanted one that was fun, easy to train and a low shedder.

We did research and decided on Goldendoodles. We are very happy with our choice. They are intelligent, goofy, loving and really sweet.

We bred and raised Rough Collies for over 25 years. We were happy to provide healthy, well socialized, quality puppies that had the excellent temperament associated with the breed.

We were fortunate to know collie breeders that would trust us to be ethical and trustworthy breeders. The puppies were always thoroughly checked by our veterinarian, up to date on age appropriate vaccinations, wormed and eyes tested at The Ohio State University Veterinary Clinic for CEA. We were very proud of our normal eyed puppies.

Our three remaining collies passed away of natural causes associtated with their age.  In memory of these Beautiful Collies. We miss them everyday.

Westland's April Gold Strike

Westland's Parallel Parker

Huntington's Westland Legend Maker "Guinn"