A Goldendoodle is considered to be one of the most trainable breeds of dogs which possess a high intellect as well as a sharp memory.

 However, they are high energy puppies and dogs. They require activity, entertainment and most of all a lot of love from their new puppy parents.

 Goldendoodle puppies, as with most puppies can get into trouble quickly.  The babies are so cute, though, it's hard to stay mad at them long. In the midst of all the fun, however, there are major responsibilities to face. Puppies take work.

 Before you bring your new fur baby home:

 Puppy proof your house

 Plan on crate and house training

 Make sure to supply a healthy diet

 Get supplies for routine grooming

 Do homework on how to socialize your puppy.

 All puppies can develop bad habits. Start your training early. If you plan on going to puppy classes, have all of your veterinarian's suggested vaccinations completed beforehand.

 Goldendoodles are an amazing breed. They grow into a beautiful adult dog that you will cherish. We are hooked.

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